TIBCO Enterprise Message Service

Course Title: TIBCO EMS
Duration:15 Sessions

Technical Introduction To Java Message Service
      o Overview of the JMS API
              -What is Messaging
              -What is the JMS API
              -When Can You Use the JMS API
      o Basic JMS API Concepts
              -JMS API Architecture
              -Messaging Domains
              -Message Consumption
      o The JMS API Programming Model
              -JMS Administered Objects
              -JMS Connections
              -JMS Sessions
              -JMS Message Producers
              -JMS Message Consumers
              -JMS Messages
              -JMS Queue Browsers
              -JMS Exception Handling
      o Creating Robust JMS Applications
              -Using Basic Reliability Mechanisms
              -Using Advanced Reliability Mechanisms
      Java Message Service Labs
      o Lab 1: Writing Simple JMS Applications
              -1.1: Synchronous Message Consumption
              -1.2: Asynchronous Message Consumption
              -1.3: Browsing Messages in a Queue
      o Lab 2: Running JMS Clients on Multiple Systems
      o Lab 3: Writing Robust JMS Applications
              -3.1: A Message Acknowledgment
              -3.2: A Durable Subscription
              -3.3: A Local Transaction
TIBCO EMS Programming Using Java
      o Lab 1: TIB EMS - Send Message to TIB RV
      o Lab 2: TIB EMS - Request-Reply Messaging with TIB RV
      o Lab 3: TIB EMS - JNDI Lookup
      o Lab 4: TIB EMS - TIB EMS - JNDI Read
      o Lab 5: TIB EMS - Fault Tolerance
      o Lab 6: TIB EMS - Load Balancing
      o Lab 7: TIB EMS - SSL
      o Lab 8: TIB EMS - Send Message
      o Lab 9: TIB EMS - Receive Message Synchronously
      o Lab 10: TIB EMS - TIB EMS - Receive Message Asynchronously
      o Lab 11: TIB EMS - Send Message Using XA Facility
      o Lab 12: TIB EMS - TIB EMS - Receive Message Using XA Facility
      o Lab 13: TIB EMS - Receive Message Using Durable Subscriber
      o Lab 14: TIB EMS - Dynamic Queue Browser
      o Lab 15: TIB EMS - Send Multiple Messages
      o Lab 16: TIB EMS - Receive Multiple Message

QuickLabs for Busy IT Professionals
Target Audience: Developers and Integrators
Prerequisites: Prior experience in Java/C++ programming
Requirements: Broadband Internet connection. Telephone or headset with microphone

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