4BS Finishing School

What is 4BS-Finishing School?

4BS-Finishing school is a concept aimed at molding industry-ready candidates. As per statistics, only 1 out of 4 engineers passing out from Indian Universities are employable. This is definitely a matter of concern and is a prominent factor that leads to unemployment among IT graduates. It may sound as a paradox that there are large volumes of unfilled vacancies in all leading MNCs. 4BS-Finishing school is thus a creative solution for such bewildering factors. The new venture of 4BS is an academic-industry association, where a student is provided training in all the needed hot skills and soft skills and then offered a real time industry experience.

The Corporate Talent War

A search for the best and the brightest minds.
The IT industry is booming. The opportunities it poses are immense. The potential that can be achieved is boundless. The prospects are huge. To drive all of this will be talent. Talent - the boundless, seamless, growing potential that will take the IT industry forward.
The reality is that organizations, globally, are facing a severe shortage of skilled IT manpower. According to McKinsey & Co., the most critical resource to companies in the coming years will be talent.
NASSCOM estimates that India currently holds 28% of the world's IT offshoring and this is set to increase to 50% by 2015.

4BS-Finishing School program – Turning fresh graduates into industry-100% project ready professionals

4BS-Finishing School Program is designed to meet the following needs:

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