Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is an essential part of modern business management. Customer Relationship Management concerns the relationship between the organization and its customers. Customers are the lifeblood of any organization be it a global corporation with thousands of employees and a multi-billion turnover, or a sole trader with a handful of regular customers.


CRM can have a major impact on an organization through:

4BS-Solutions - Global IT Consulting & Software Services Firmshifting the focus from product to customer
4BS-Solutions - Global IT Consulting & Software Services Firmstreamlining the offer to what the customer requires, not want the organization can make
4BS-Solutions - Global IT Consulting & Software Services Firmhighlighting competencies required for an effective CRM process

The ultimate purpose of CRM, like any organizational initiative, is to increase profit. In the case of CRM, this is achieved mainly by providing a better service to the customers than competitors. A good CRM capability will also reduce costs, wastage, and complaints.

This CRM System has all of the standard features that we would expect, Lead Management, Customer Management, Opportunity Management, but it also acts like a mail client, and has a built-in word processor, task manager, calendar, database and spreadsheet, all fully live on-line and accessible from anywhere we have an Internet connection. We can quickly and easily make any changes in the system that we need for our business.

The CRM System can get populated with Leads either by direct entry or automatically populated from the sales website. The system can be set to only review leads that are "Double Opt In" leads with confirmed email addresses so we only deal with companies that have a real interest in our products. We can then manage the leads, convert them to customers, track their quotes, follow their orders and keep notes on when to follow up with them, and even check their orders to make sure they are shipping when promised.

Help Desk

Tracking help desk support issues and customer service inquiries can be a virtual nightmare without the right tools and helpdesk application. Whether the organization is small, medium or large, keeping issues from falling between the cracks can be critical to managing customer relationships and providing great customer support. Web based help desk support software solution has been designed to ensure our organization to effectively communicates, organizes, tracks and reports the issues that matter the most to us and our customers like Support Request, Product Support, Service Requests, HR Issues, Project Issues. 4BS designed a web based Help Desk support system to track to the customer requests, technical issues & support forum.

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